I lose.

I have once again forgotten my Yahoo ID and can't log into flickr.

Maybe they'll help me out! Maybe I'll tattoo my ID onto my hand....

Just bought:

Well, technically I purchased it almost a week ago, but it took Paypal this long for the dang money to come in (forgot i'd emptied the account and had to transfer from my bank...)

Isn't it gorgeous? It's out of luxedeluxe's etsy shop.

I had two of her items favorited for awhile as I debated which to get. I even had to call in the calvary and have people help me decide. Ultimately I may even go back and buy the second one if she doesn't sell out. Way to go, me!



Not sleeping as much as one ought to be lately.

Boo to that, eh?

In other news, fall has arrived. Woo to that.