Ha, ha.

Reader AC posted a comment telling me how I've been mistaken for Jan Op De Beeck!

It's at this link...

It's just a link back to this blog with the title "Jan Op De Beeck makes the trek from New York with ex-pat Rina Piccolo". It's kinda funny-- Do I look like a Jan? I suppose people are thinking it's a feminine Jan, like, short for Janet. But It's Yahn. Jan is a very well-known male caricarurist and illustrator in Belgium. I'm kinda amused. Maybe I should have my actual name on the blog somewhere, eh?


I'm perplexed by how chilly it was in New York today. It'll apparently be back up to 80 on Thursday, which is probably exactly what will make me sick in the next few days.


TCAF- a recap

So this is how it went down: 9am, I piled into a van with fellow artists Joe Bluhm, Brendan Burford, and Rina Piccolo, and we drove a million hours and crossed the border into exotic Canada. I experienced Tim Hortons. I say "experienced" because all of my Canadian friends have waxed poetic about it for so long. My experience was mundane, though tasty.

It occurred to me upon arriving that, oh shit, I didn't have business cards. Cue hurriedly throwing something together on a laptop and then running a thumb drive to the least helpful printers in North America. But whatevs, I ended up with cards.

Essentially, I was there to sign copies of 'Famous Corpses', but I also--at the last minute-- brought some mini pieces of artwork, which sold very well, considering I really didn't bring enough, and particularly didn't bring enough robot pieces, because as we all know: People love robots.

No matter! I'm going to be completely prepared for MoCCA, which is creeping up on me.

At any rate, I had a lot of fun in Toronto, met some fab people, and saw a good number of things. I just wish I'd been able to buy more books-- I did manage to pick up Kate Beaton' book, which I heard sold out. I believe she should have more at MoCCA, for anyone who may be there. It's totally worth getting.


Shock of the Week

I have watched 'Veronica Mars'. Some of you may have as well.

But no one told me that this guy:

Was this kid!


Fun Fact: I used to work out at the same gym in Orlando as Shaq and he talked to me a few times, and (a. I impressed him with my prowess at the arc trainer and the stair mill and (b. he offered to give me a ride on his motorcycle