I blow myself away, I really do.

For months-- MONTHS!-- I couldn't log into Flickr. I couldn't think of the yahoo ID I had especially created for the etsy/art-related pictures. I tried so many combinations of my names and other usernames.... nothing. Nada. Zilch. I felt like an idiot, and gave up.

Tonight on a whim, I logged into one of my gmail accounts and happened to do a search for "yahoo", and lo and behold, I found the notification from yahoo that I had used this gmail account as a secondary email. In it was the user name, and voila, I could log into Flickr. It was, perhaps, the easiest solution, and I still had a gigantic brain fart and didn't think to do it. All summer.

Oh well.

Anyway, I finally logged in and posted a couple of pics I'd been meaning to get around to posting in there-- stuff I'd added on etsy already.

I'm kind of getting excited about my upcoming projects, and will be adding them to flickr accordingly, at least now that I can log in. Yeesh. And here it is:


I'm just suuuuch a doofus.



Gah, seriously; I feel like I just need to give myself a good wringing out. Trying to keep up with my friends is tiring. On top of that, I was sick recently, and out of town, and not feeling like hitting the gym. As a result, I just feel like I need to detox, just... just really cleanse the ol' system. Drink lots of water. Wheatgrass. Stuff like that.


Maybe not the wheatgrass.

I'm getting excited about Halloween looming on the horizon. I'm not really sure what I ought to be though. Never am. It's a major malfunction of mine; I get super psyched up about it and then don't have anything really worthwhile to wear. It's quite the bummer. Maybe I can circumvent the creative block this year and come up with something fabulous.

Although, my Mr. Orange costume of a few years back was quite the hit, to people who had at least seen 'Reservoir Dogs'...

Here's me and some Ghostbusters.


Phew, I am beat.

One of my BFFs from college came to visit and the whole week's been a whirlwind. Last night he, his girlfriend, and myself just basically crashed after nonstop going-going-going, and got ourselves a bunch of imported beer at the fancy Whole Foods, and got some thai take-out and BAM! We had ourselves a night. We planted ourselves on my futon and just watched 'The Office' for hours. Then she and I forced my friend to watch our "fave rom-com", 'Love Actually'. It appeared he did not share our sentiments.

It was super fun.

Anyway, they flew out today, which means I'm going to get my bedroom/workspace back to myself. Granted, I'm a bit low on ink in the printer, but I'm looking forward to getting some work done this week.

Oh! Um, also, I found this seller on etsy, and I'm in love with her stuff. These things, I must have:


I wish I could screenprint; I should look into the classes etsy labs offer...

And now, back to my dvd!


I hate the post office. I hate flight delays. I hate colds.


I write this, wearily, from the basement of Day Job, as I was recruited to show up at 8am to let in a maintenance guy to do... some...thing. Some things. I don't know what.

The good news is, I get to leave at 5pm so that I can finish installing Adobe on my laptop, so that I can do some digital tweaks to a couple of inked drawings. Yay, productivity! Although, I feel like I need a vacation. Never mind that I just took one. Kinda.