I'm currently working on a character design project. On spec. What that means is I'm working for free, unless the project gets pitched and bought, and in that case, I get paid. It's okay; I know the people and trust them and they're an actual, reputable studio. Just with this economic freefall, who's got money to pay anyone anything*?

But right now, my hand is just about to fall off. I'm gonna take a break and watch Alec Baldwin on SNL.

*according to all the 'unpaid intern' BS ads on craigslist.... no one....


New York Comic Con '09!

Funtimes! Here are some pictures from this weekend.

I was there with the Art Squared table to sell 'Famous Corpses', the book I wrote...

See? I'm giving a thumbs-up! Come on by!

And, in terms of "Famous People I geeked out on", I met '30 Rock's Scott Adsit (pete hornberger)


Joss Whedon!

Adsit was super nice and Whedon was being mobbed, being the most conspicuous guy on the convention floor, but he was still accomodating and friendly. So that was fun.

I walked around only a little bit, just enough to stop by my friend Lar's booth where he was selling his books for Blind Ferret Entertainment, and by the OniPress booth to grab the new Scott Pilgrim. It was fun!


New York Comic Con

SO, that's happening this weekend. I'm gonna be sitting at the Art Squared Publishing table, signing copies of Famous Corpses. You know. Just a lil' book I kinda wrote. Nothin' big.

That'll be kinda fun; I did some signings at an art convention in the fall, which was.... to be honest, weird! I haven't signed a book since the senior year yearbook. Not that I'm the only one there; I'm gonna slip away and go see potentially awesomer stuff, like um, just the brand new Scott Pilgrim!




Oh, I never actually mentioned this buttttt for Christmas I received this:

It's a totally adorable necklace from the awesome RockLove's etsy shop! My boyfriend surprised me after spotting it in an earlier post. I hate that I forgot but I wanted to mention it; she's a really nice gal and the shop is great, so be sure to check her out!