New York Comic Con

SO, that's happening this weekend. I'm gonna be sitting at the Art Squared Publishing table, signing copies of Famous Corpses. You know. Just a lil' book I kinda wrote. Nothin' big.

That'll be kinda fun; I did some signings at an art convention in the fall, which was.... to be honest, weird! I haven't signed a book since the senior year yearbook. Not that I'm the only one there; I'm gonna slip away and go see potentially awesomer stuff, like um, just the brand new Scott Pilgrim!



lulidesigns said...

Have a great week-end. Should be pretty cool to be signing your own book and meeting fans!

smilemonsters said...

How fun!


RockLove said...

My customers are so freakin cool! You wrote a book?! Ugh and I was going to go to Comic Con tomorrow but something ended up conflicting :( I could have met you!

Have a great time, rockstar!

x Allison
RockLove Owner

7seventeengallery said...

^It would have been funny if you had stopped by; I was wearing the necklace!!