Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, I'm adding some stuff to etsy! FOR REAL.

I had some commissions that I got busy on. They came out of nowhere really, so that was a nice surprise, and nice bonus Christmas shopping $$. Ka-ching!

I will offer free gift wrapping and little freebies with prints and originals starting tomorrow, so that will be fun. It's strange to me how I manage to do better business via myspace. My mom has become an ambassador as well-- after I did the caricatures of her boss and his family, all the people in that department have been asking for samples of my work. I've sold a few pieces that were originally intended for etsy to her colleagues.

Soooo... Thanksgiving.

What the hell are people gonna do? I'm not going home... I'm not going to the boyfriend's... I will venture to bake a pie, though my oven has no temperature control! I put a little thermometer in it, but the best way I can figure to decrease temperature is just to open the door. This may mean disaster for any baking endeavours but I'm going to at least try. We'll probably go to a restaurant for dinner or just have something boring. NOT about to attempt a turkey or cornbread dressing (in the south, we don't call it stuffing-- and it doesn't go inside the turkey either!) with the oven being such a reject loser. I will take pictures of our uneventful day and perhaps of the triumph or misery of the pumpkin pie.

Gobble Gobble!


Go away, rain!

I don't like having to run in my rainboots.





PS It's really cold outside.

tsk tsk



I've lost the Photoshop installation disc that Joe gave me. WTF. How am I so scattered lately? I keep hitting these roadblocks on the way to completing certain things, and those roadblocks are created entirely by my own absent-mindedness! Is it really just all downhill from here? Oy.

I did drink some hot chocolate today though. So that's a positive.


Inspiration Wall, anyone?

I have a blank space above my desk, where an Inspiration Wall should be.

It is something that is highly touted by artists and illustrators I know, people who really know what they're talking about. I'm so easily scattered and distracted with this recent move that I just haven't gotten around to piecing it together. Let's see.

I do, at least, have an Inspiration Shelf on my bookcase nearby. So maybe it will take a bit of work--let's see, I'd have to turn 90°, roll the chair to the left about... oh... four inches, and extend my arm. Voila, I have a book. That's a minimal amount of effort, luckily.

So this is what I have there:

2 books by Claire Wendling

She's an amazing illustrator from France. Her book Drawers 2.0 is something I have to flip through every few weeks. I snagged Aphrodite off ebay not too long ago for a mere $14 and was thrilled-- it's in French but who cares; I got it for the art.

Belladonne, illustrated by Pierre Alary is another awesome find that I can't read, but will instead look at.

That's a start, mmmm?

Oh, wait. No Inspiration Wall would be complete without animated gifs from my favorite shows. I mean, really. Come on.

Strangers With Candy

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Arrested Development

When I find an animated gif for Night Court, I will be beyond elated.



Oh snap, I'm in a treasury!

NORMandLOU on etsy included 'Poise' in their gorgeous grey-themed treasury. I'm so psyched; the other stuff in it is so pretty, and so I feel kinda honored. I THINK it's the first one I've been in... although a nagging voice in the back of my head is saying that another piece was in somebody's treasury a couple months back. I am, of course, losing my short-term memory, so who knows. Exciting!

It's one of the original pages out of my Moleskine sketchbook, done in Prismacolor. I don't hate it. :)


YES WE... oh, you know.

I'd be out partying myself, if I didn't have an early flight in the morning. :)

I'm so proud. And I don't mind waking up at 6am today.


it came!


I was extremely psyched to find a tiny package waiting for me when I got home yesterday! My necklace came!

It is, of course, the necklace I mentioned purchasing before from luxedeluxe.etsy. I was shocked at how fast the post between here and Edinburgh is! It took just a weekend.

Anyway, it's super pretty in person. I'm pretty happy because it came just in time to be worn at an awards banquet for the NCN in Raleigh this weekend. I've already gotten compliments, and I've just been up and active for like, 2 hours.

I highly recommend checking her shop out; the stuff is all beautiful. I need to keep her in mind when I'm doing Christmas shopping.

PS go vote! and get your free Starbucks coffee!!


Voting Blues

The sick realization that I will probably have to wake up before 6am in order to have any time at all to vote tomorrow just dawned on me.

Excuse me please; I believe I may have to go barf.

Seriously, the sun isn't even going to be up. I value my REM cycles, you see.


I need this.

I need it so bad.

From RockLove's etsy shop.


Big ups to "Natally" at Flickr; after an impassioned plea, she did provide me with the Yahoo ID. It is simply beyond me how I forgot it. Twice.


Currently, I'm watching Season 3 of 'Scrubs' on DVD... it's a great season of a formerly great show. I just don't know what happened with it, but it definitely went downhill.

Maybe I should be doing something important but... Day Job sorta sucked. Sorta tired. So I'm gonna just sorta sit here.