Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, I'm adding some stuff to etsy! FOR REAL.

I had some commissions that I got busy on. They came out of nowhere really, so that was a nice surprise, and nice bonus Christmas shopping $$. Ka-ching!

I will offer free gift wrapping and little freebies with prints and originals starting tomorrow, so that will be fun. It's strange to me how I manage to do better business via myspace. My mom has become an ambassador as well-- after I did the caricatures of her boss and his family, all the people in that department have been asking for samples of my work. I've sold a few pieces that were originally intended for etsy to her colleagues.

Soooo... Thanksgiving.

What the hell are people gonna do? I'm not going home... I'm not going to the boyfriend's... I will venture to bake a pie, though my oven has no temperature control! I put a little thermometer in it, but the best way I can figure to decrease temperature is just to open the door. This may mean disaster for any baking endeavours but I'm going to at least try. We'll probably go to a restaurant for dinner or just have something boring. NOT about to attempt a turkey or cornbread dressing (in the south, we don't call it stuffing-- and it doesn't go inside the turkey either!) with the oven being such a reject loser. I will take pictures of our uneventful day and perhaps of the triumph or misery of the pumpkin pie.

Gobble Gobble!

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Crayonmonster said...

Best of luck with dinner!! Your stove sounds like a hoot, hehehe