Inspiration Wall, anyone?

I have a blank space above my desk, where an Inspiration Wall should be.

It is something that is highly touted by artists and illustrators I know, people who really know what they're talking about. I'm so easily scattered and distracted with this recent move that I just haven't gotten around to piecing it together. Let's see.

I do, at least, have an Inspiration Shelf on my bookcase nearby. So maybe it will take a bit of work--let's see, I'd have to turn 90°, roll the chair to the left about... oh... four inches, and extend my arm. Voila, I have a book. That's a minimal amount of effort, luckily.

So this is what I have there:

2 books by Claire Wendling

She's an amazing illustrator from France. Her book Drawers 2.0 is something I have to flip through every few weeks. I snagged Aphrodite off ebay not too long ago for a mere $14 and was thrilled-- it's in French but who cares; I got it for the art.

Belladonne, illustrated by Pierre Alary is another awesome find that I can't read, but will instead look at.

That's a start, mmmm?

Oh, wait. No Inspiration Wall would be complete without animated gifs from my favorite shows. I mean, really. Come on.

Strangers With Candy

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Arrested Development

When I find an animated gif for Night Court, I will be beyond elated.


Azhure said...

I too have a pile of inspiration books...but no wall...in fact I never thought of one, but I do have a huge space of empty wall above my computer ^_^

kim* said...

lol i just posted the arrested development one for my bf on myspace

i said" a huggle for the one i adore"

vhall said...

Hehe, that clip of Colbert is classic! I love SWC.

Your illustrations are so cute, btw :)