Impending Vacation!

It's not really a secret: I miss New York. That's why this weekend I'm going back for a third time since moving to NW Louisiana. I'm super psyched.... even if it's wintertime. I survived winters up there! I can make it! And as long as there's no gross, brown slush on the ground, my shoes will make it too.

I'm quickly unloading a few things into my etsy shop that I've been meaning to get to, before I got busy with commissions. I'm only taking the time just now to type this up because my head is covered in red dye and I'm trying to be as still as possible.

Oh! Right, and speaking of New York-- I'm going to go to the Brooklyn Flea! Twice, if I can help it, as I'm going to be there two weekends. I'd kill to have a table there. In a figurative sense, at least. Prior to leaving the city, I never could, because I had a day job that would interfere with weekends. It also prevented me from visiting. But I'm gonna hit it hard on this trip! I'm psyched.

I'm a fan of Claudia Pearson's blog, so it'd be neat to see if she happens to be there any of the days I go.

I quite like her tea towels.


random photo

About 3 years ago, I was in an off-off-Broadway play (envision any old female prisoner exploitation movie. now replace the women with witches.), and we had signed up to march in the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island. Absolutely none of us had any idea of what to wear. We had no theme. Hence my origami cranes.


Another Treasury

So this is neat; I ended up in a second treasury... this time with two pieces. They included my current favorite watercolor mini I have, my little barn owl in a fez...

I really like the rest of the items they picked too. My owl and chipmunk are in great company... I freaking love this plate:


Aha! That cute lil' taco I'd put up on Etsy--that subsequently was inserted into a treasury-- just sold! Coincidence? Or is it just a case of someone plainly and purely loving the hell out of some tacos?



So, depending on your sensibilities, you may or may not share my excitement over the upcoming film release 'SUPER', by the amazing James Gunn. Do you cover your eyes when something icky is on the screen? Do you plug your ears, screaming "la la la" when somebody drops an F-bomb? You may not want to watch the following clip.

No, seriously, it's NSFW:

FUN FACT: that girl standing behind Rainn Wilson at :09? That's ME!

Okay, so anyway, that's a clip of 'SUPER'. It's the tale of Frank D'Arbo, a sadsack short order cook whose wife leaves him for a drug dealer. In Frank's warped, skewed sense of reality, a Christian comic book hero appears to him and convinces him to become a superhero himself, in order to win her back. And a LOT of violence ensues. And NO. It is NOTHING like 'Kick-Ass'.

In late 2009, James Gunn and his crew came to town to film this. And I sort of fell in with them, getting my artwork into the film. Frank likes to busy himself doodling important events in his life, and I managed to pick up a gig creating these drawings. I had to force myself to draw badly, which was sort of inexplicably exhausting. But the pay-off is going to be huge, when I can go sit down in a theater and watch the film. There's at least one scene where most of my drawings are on display, and I had the privilege of going to set and watching them film that day. Before settling in to draw over 200 or so of these pictures, I read the script. I said at the end, that I would preemptively just call 'SUPER' my favorite film of "whatever year this comes out". The script is F'ed up. But it has heart-- it's moving. And I can attest to watching Rainn Wilson act in a certain scene that he's really just great.

The movie isn't for everyone. I'm not gonna let my mom see it. Hell, even the clip above is almost too risque for some, but this is something I'm eager to see, and proud of. I didn't get a lot accomplished in 2009, or even 2010, but this kind of is my crowning achievement for that time. Even if it is a little bloody.


Etsy Treasury Time

It turns out I've been featured in a cute little watercolor treasury.... My 'Taco = Love' mini was included.

My thanks to Etsian moonstr!