Impending Vacation!

It's not really a secret: I miss New York. That's why this weekend I'm going back for a third time since moving to NW Louisiana. I'm super psyched.... even if it's wintertime. I survived winters up there! I can make it! And as long as there's no gross, brown slush on the ground, my shoes will make it too.

I'm quickly unloading a few things into my etsy shop that I've been meaning to get to, before I got busy with commissions. I'm only taking the time just now to type this up because my head is covered in red dye and I'm trying to be as still as possible.

Oh! Right, and speaking of New York-- I'm going to go to the Brooklyn Flea! Twice, if I can help it, as I'm going to be there two weekends. I'd kill to have a table there. In a figurative sense, at least. Prior to leaving the city, I never could, because I had a day job that would interfere with weekends. It also prevented me from visiting. But I'm gonna hit it hard on this trip! I'm psyched.

I'm a fan of Claudia Pearson's blog, so it'd be neat to see if she happens to be there any of the days I go.

I quite like her tea towels.

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