Project Feeling Gross At Christmas

Ugh. The weather and temperature fluctuations have left me with a cold, or sinus infection. First it was warm and muggy, then freezing, then warm, then cold, and now it's 80* outside. Are you kidding me? No wonder I feel awful. I had a comically horrendous time trying to acquire Claritin D last night at the pharmacy, and that's kinda sorta helped out. But I definitely don't feel up to doing anything but lazing around.

I did stay up last night and attempted to figure out this Project Wonderful thing. I'm several months late to the party, I know, but it's kind of bewildering to me. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, but at the present, I just don't see exactly how it's going to work for me. Eh. We'll see.

I'm sure to be bored later so I won't wish anyone a Merry Christmas, not yet.


Gah, what is in the AIR?? I can't stop sneezing...



Well, here's the state of the union.

I'm at home, visiting my parents. My boyfriend tagged along for an early Christmas, and then flew back to NYC this afternoon so that he would have time to head out to Pennsylvania to visit his family for real Christmas.

It's been fun; he's never been to the real, Deep South before. We met in Florida, and though it is well below the Mason-Dixon Line, it is absolutely not the South. Okay, okay; the panhandle... that counts. But we were in Orlando. Not the South.

He enjoyed it though! So that's a relief. We ate far, far too much, of course. Tomorrow I'm gonna hit the local gym up for a guest pass so that maybe I can burn off a slice or two of pie before the Big Show on Christmas Day. And maybe now I can sit down and get some drawing done. I thought to bring supplies and my camera, but I don't know if I have the cord to connect the camera to the computer. Gah. So maybe you have to wait until the 27th or so to see anything.

But here are a few photos of stuff that's not art, but almost as good!

My Christmas tree

My Christmas dog


Here's a shot or two from a couple of weeks ago, when I went upstate with some friends, to stay at their family's condo.

Pretty different from NYC.

Actually though, it reminded me a tiny bit of Brooklyn! I quipped that Hudson, NY seems to be the place you retreat to when you're tired of dealing with NYC. It was very quaint. The antique stores, however, seemed to still harbor NYC prices...

I got an illustration commission sent to me on myspace. I better hurry on it, before I go out of town on the 17th.

PS: Christmas shopping is 95% complete!
Today was a rainy mess in New York City.

And of course I had to go run errands in Manhattan, instead of staying cozy at home with my Christmas tree and dog. Gross.

But it's over now! And I am home, cozy, with my Christmas tree and dog.


just fyi:

Um, also, sort of in the spirit of last night's rant on Sally... I also don't like my ear ache NOR do I like salespeople who walk around their stores singing along with Christmas music. I really, really don't like those things. :P

A not so positive review masquerading as a positive one.

Don't get me wrong: I like 'When Harry Met Sally'. It is, as a friend described long ago in college, a very "comfortable" movie. You can put it on and either watch it or have it on in the background while you work or clean or whatever.

But seriously? Sally?

Is the most annoying individual ever. I don't know if we were supposed to fall in love with her big dewy eyes or what, but it didn't work. Harry was kind of obnoxious-- perhaps that is why we're supposed to believe they're meant for one another-- but it didn't compare to Sally. She's shrill, somewhat insecure... Hell, I identify more with Harry than I ever could to her. Blah.

Despite that, yeah, I like the movie. Just not Sally. Poor Harry. If they're still married he's probably settled into glum resignation that for the rest of his life he's going to listen to her simpering.



I had a depressing encounter with a berry muffin today. Look, I usually opt for oatmeal in the mornings, or something with some form of protein, such as an egg on toast. But I was in a rush to the Day Job, and so while getting coffee I grabbed a berry muffin. I usually don't eat muffins, and while there are many great muffins in the world, I just tend to have bad luck with them. They're either too bland, or too dense, or too dry. I have, on occasion, had magnificent muffins, but they are few and far between. So I knew I was taking my chances with this muffin.

And, sadly, this muffin turned out to be a disappointment-- and deceptive! All the berries were on the top. The rest of it was basically yellow cake mix. I was betrayed, annoyed, and ultimately hungry.

I'm now in the basement at the Day Job unhappily listening to the stock guy's screamo on his ipod speakers. Running through my mind are all of the art supplies I need to pick up, and the annoyance that there's no art supply store around here. At all. In New York City. Where art happens. The Upper East Side, save for the various museums and occasional 'Gossip Girl' is essentially devoid of any type of culture beyond copying your rich neighbor's style, so I guess that makes sense.




I swear-- the computer at the Day Job is the slowest thing I've ever had the displeasure to use. It's a toss-up what's worst, the decrepit computer itself or the internet connection. I just pop on in the mornings to check emails and the blog and what not, what usually takes 3 or 5 minutes at home, and instead I'm mired down for what feels like hourssssss.

Today's already a long day. I've already been pushed--literally--enough on the subway to start yelling obscenities before 9am. That's just a wee bit early for me.
I had a lunch date today! My friend recently started working in the Flatiron Building, and so he and I met up for lunch in Madison Square Park. It was neat. I felt like one of the cool movie characters I'd watch as a kid who'd randomly choose relatively iconic Manhattan settings for benign chit-chat or coffee or lunch. The cinematographer would frame everything just so you could see the Chrysler Building/Brooklyn Bridge/Empire State Building, etc. In today's scene, depending on where the camera was, you'd have gotten sweet shots of us framed against either the Empire State Building OR the Flatiron Building. We were eating salads. Very glamorous.

Afterward, I went on a mostly futile trip to seek out Christmas presents. My dad is proving impossible to shop for. The Day Job has afforded me an excellent discount for gifts for my mom and aunt, but that's about it in terms of ease in my Christmas shopping.

I also had hoped to find my power cord for my scanner tonight-- several of the photos I took of stuff I intended to list on etsy came out fuzzy! But I can't find the damn cord. And it doesn't work wirelessly or through the power of my mind, so I'm out of luck for the time being. Bah.

Here's one of the fuzzy photos in question, along with a photo with an unfortunate glare.

^The paint on his tail was acrylic and so it caught a glare from the flash. Lame. Boo. Hiss.

I'll try to correct this after work tomorrow; maybe by then I'll have located that cord!


It was strangely hard to drag myself to bed last night, and even harder to wake up today.

...At least I did it before afternoon officially settled in.

etsy stuffs

Just added tonight! More tomorrow. I'm spacing it out. It's, what, 1:18am? Yeah, it's bedtime for Bonzo tonight.

Check out my etsy store here
Posting new art on etsy didn't happen on Thanksgiving. A lot of pie did instead.

So... that's why I'm posting stuff tonight!