I had a lunch date today! My friend recently started working in the Flatiron Building, and so he and I met up for lunch in Madison Square Park. It was neat. I felt like one of the cool movie characters I'd watch as a kid who'd randomly choose relatively iconic Manhattan settings for benign chit-chat or coffee or lunch. The cinematographer would frame everything just so you could see the Chrysler Building/Brooklyn Bridge/Empire State Building, etc. In today's scene, depending on where the camera was, you'd have gotten sweet shots of us framed against either the Empire State Building OR the Flatiron Building. We were eating salads. Very glamorous.

Afterward, I went on a mostly futile trip to seek out Christmas presents. My dad is proving impossible to shop for. The Day Job has afforded me an excellent discount for gifts for my mom and aunt, but that's about it in terms of ease in my Christmas shopping.

I also had hoped to find my power cord for my scanner tonight-- several of the photos I took of stuff I intended to list on etsy came out fuzzy! But I can't find the damn cord. And it doesn't work wirelessly or through the power of my mind, so I'm out of luck for the time being. Bah.

Here's one of the fuzzy photos in question, along with a photo with an unfortunate glare.

^The paint on his tail was acrylic and so it caught a glare from the flash. Lame. Boo. Hiss.

I'll try to correct this after work tomorrow; maybe by then I'll have located that cord!


kim* said...

looks like an old cartoon, super cute n fun

Art By MAR said...

That sounds like a cool lunch. I have only been to NYC once as a child. Your artwork is wonderful. Good luck finding your cord.

em said...

I really like your illustrations!

Andrea said...

Beautiful work!