Well, here's the state of the union.

I'm at home, visiting my parents. My boyfriend tagged along for an early Christmas, and then flew back to NYC this afternoon so that he would have time to head out to Pennsylvania to visit his family for real Christmas.

It's been fun; he's never been to the real, Deep South before. We met in Florida, and though it is well below the Mason-Dixon Line, it is absolutely not the South. Okay, okay; the panhandle... that counts. But we were in Orlando. Not the South.

He enjoyed it though! So that's a relief. We ate far, far too much, of course. Tomorrow I'm gonna hit the local gym up for a guest pass so that maybe I can burn off a slice or two of pie before the Big Show on Christmas Day. And maybe now I can sit down and get some drawing done. I thought to bring supplies and my camera, but I don't know if I have the cord to connect the camera to the computer. Gah. So maybe you have to wait until the 27th or so to see anything.

But here are a few photos of stuff that's not art, but almost as good!

My Christmas tree

My Christmas dog

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