I had a depressing encounter with a berry muffin today. Look, I usually opt for oatmeal in the mornings, or something with some form of protein, such as an egg on toast. But I was in a rush to the Day Job, and so while getting coffee I grabbed a berry muffin. I usually don't eat muffins, and while there are many great muffins in the world, I just tend to have bad luck with them. They're either too bland, or too dense, or too dry. I have, on occasion, had magnificent muffins, but they are few and far between. So I knew I was taking my chances with this muffin.

And, sadly, this muffin turned out to be a disappointment-- and deceptive! All the berries were on the top. The rest of it was basically yellow cake mix. I was betrayed, annoyed, and ultimately hungry.

I'm now in the basement at the Day Job unhappily listening to the stock guy's screamo on his ipod speakers. Running through my mind are all of the art supplies I need to pick up, and the annoyance that there's no art supply store around here. At all. In New York City. Where art happens. The Upper East Side, save for the various museums and occasional 'Gossip Girl' is essentially devoid of any type of culture beyond copying your rich neighbor's style, so I guess that makes sense.


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Anna said...

Blech, sounds like a real winner of a muffin. My mind stays with my craft too, just like yours seems to. It's a good way to stay somewhat sane...just keep thinking about what you love doing. I'm sure your day will get better when you get home. :)