The Maker's Fair

I couldn't believe it approached without my knowing, but Halloween Weekend was the first weekend of the first annual 'Maker's Fair' here in Shreveport! I'd been lamenting the lack of a crafty community and events since moving here, and this just snuck up on me. I found out after reading some tweets by a friend who would be selling gumbo. It was too late to participate that weekend but the lovely Ms Dahm found space for me at the last minute for the second weekend. I borrowed a tiny table from my boyfriend's studio, and set up. I didn't even have time to get any prints; I just had originals! I literally had about 48 minutes to get things together by the time I heard back that there was availability. That sort of last minute panic is.... well, kind of fun. In a sick way.

I didn't get any good shots of the table, because my battery managed to die the moment I whipped it out to take a photo of my handiwork. But I did take a single photo of one of the paintings the day before. Yeah. Seriously, just the one.

what can i say? llamas are the next big animal. move over, owl.

I did pretty well, and from the looks of it, so did most of the other sellers. Shreveport and its outlying areas have more crafters than I would've expected; there were knitters, weavers, screenprinters, toy makers, sculptors... no one did exactly the same thing as anyone else, and that was fun. Now to get this thing to happen on a more regular basis than annually.


Pinklight Revisited

Old news, but I like this random photo from the Pinklight Bazaar in June-- I think I was contemplating the neon sign overhead crashing down on top of me and the next vendor.

OH. And hey, check out this video that was produced about Round 5... Super cute. Unless you hate Cyndi Lauper.

Pinklight Bazaar from Matt Morris on Vimeo.


Oh, Pinklight!

Last Sunday was Round 5 of the Pinklight Bazaar in Orlando, and the third one I've participated in.

I quite enjoyed the first two, but was not at all sure how things would go last week. My first stint at the Pinklight, on its inaugural run, was a wild success. I virtually sold out of everything. But, the second one, ehhh. Not so successful. I had a great time at each, and really, what wasn't sold then was sold at conventions or online. Truth is, you may know your audience, but you don't know if they will feel like spending money.

I am happy (and relieved) to report, however, that this third foray was a success! I did quite well, and had some super excellent cupcakes as well. All the vendors were interesting and talented; jewelry, handmade soaps, charms (that looked like cupcakes!), vintage clothing, ceramics, and so on. It was a great variety of stuff. I'm very appreciative to the ladies who run the event for having me.

me and my half-sold-out table

I was chagrined to realize after the fact that my business cards directed people either to my website, which has no splashpage or index at the moment, or to this blog... My real, new business cards are in limbo thanks to a magnificent screw-up by Overnight Prints, and so I had to just grab whatever I had left over from last year's cons. I felt quite annoyed when it dawned on me that people weren't going to the right location on the internet for me or anymore of my artwork. For right this instant, however, I'm updating the etsy, which you can see to your right... and if you've found me here from Pinklight, hey! Hi! Hello! There will be more here, and more on etsy, quite soon. Stay tuned!


Not hibernating, in a ditch, or in outer space.... I've been working a LOT lately, animating on a project. No time for much else, even the internet....