Phew, I am beat.

One of my BFFs from college came to visit and the whole week's been a whirlwind. Last night he, his girlfriend, and myself just basically crashed after nonstop going-going-going, and got ourselves a bunch of imported beer at the fancy Whole Foods, and got some thai take-out and BAM! We had ourselves a night. We planted ourselves on my futon and just watched 'The Office' for hours. Then she and I forced my friend to watch our "fave rom-com", 'Love Actually'. It appeared he did not share our sentiments.

It was super fun.

Anyway, they flew out today, which means I'm going to get my bedroom/workspace back to myself. Granted, I'm a bit low on ink in the printer, but I'm looking forward to getting some work done this week.

Oh! Um, also, I found this seller on etsy, and I'm in love with her stuff. These things, I must have:


I wish I could screenprint; I should look into the classes etsy labs offer...

And now, back to my dvd!

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