Gah, seriously; I feel like I just need to give myself a good wringing out. Trying to keep up with my friends is tiring. On top of that, I was sick recently, and out of town, and not feeling like hitting the gym. As a result, I just feel like I need to detox, just... just really cleanse the ol' system. Drink lots of water. Wheatgrass. Stuff like that.


Maybe not the wheatgrass.

I'm getting excited about Halloween looming on the horizon. I'm not really sure what I ought to be though. Never am. It's a major malfunction of mine; I get super psyched up about it and then don't have anything really worthwhile to wear. It's quite the bummer. Maybe I can circumvent the creative block this year and come up with something fabulous.

Although, my Mr. Orange costume of a few years back was quite the hit, to people who had at least seen 'Reservoir Dogs'...

Here's me and some Ghostbusters.

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