Summer Series Madness!

So this summer, I'm gonna start debuting a new series. Tis the 50 Days of Critters.

That's 50 brand new, original critters... an unusual little menagerie of suckers. I'm plowing through, and have gotten a good number already, but posted on the etsy forums asking for any suggestions! The deal is they're each unusual, unique... mostly hybrid animals. I asked for 8 suggestions and whoever comes up with something, I'm gonna draw it and post it, then send 'em the original.

June 1 I'm gonna start posting them-- here, and on my myspace, and each one will be up for sale on etsy. I'm selecting a number of them to run prints of, and will also sell the originals. The majority of the ones I've been working on are at least 5x7, so hey! A nice size! Yays!

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