Time, she does fly.

What the....??

It's July, people.

It hardly seems possible. I think the problem here is my current day job. I changed jobs back in February due to some ridiculousness at my old place, and the new place I fell into... well... I suspect that it's a black hole. Time does funny things. I'm noticing that while I'm in here, it creeps by, slower than a snail. When I'm outside, time has been revving its engine the whole time and takes the break off so it suddenly accelerates and leaves me in the dust. I'm usually asleep or wishing I was asleep.

And suddenly, I find myself in July.

This is a big month-- last night was the opening of the Off-Broadway play I'm participating in (not so much acting as well, standing around).... tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which brings fireworks. Who can argue with fireworks? The 17th is my birthday (yays!), and the following week, I'm jetting off to San Diego for the Comic con! I will be helping man the table of an ~esteemed colleague~ but I will also have a tiny corner all to myself for the purposes of selling.

I'm gonna start posting the Critters finally in a few days, almost a month after they were promised! Dude, life. Oy.

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