So, I've been pretty busy. July was practically nothing but traveling; seeing friends over the 4th of July, visiting parents right after... my birthday came and went, and I had friends visiting, and almost immediately after they left, I went to Comic Con, to promote the book with Art Squared Publishing. I took along some mini paintings and did really well! Now it's August and... well, my summer really just flew past. I'm worn out.

Check out a few of the little things I had at SDCC...

This fox was a favorite of mine, yet he sat ignored for a day or two. Finally a guy came by and declared he'd give him a good home and off they went.

The donut and birdy painting is long gone to a home found off etsy, but I quited liked the donut itself. This is a tiny painting, in a 2x3 frame. I did a few little food paintings, and found them to be quite popular! The cheeseburger was also a fave.

One guy took a look at the donut and the burgers and such and asked me to do a commission! He apparently loves cheesecake, and asked me to paint a tiny cheesecake, so he'd bring it back to show his girlfriend as a gag. I guess she teases him about the cheesecake obsession.

Maybe that's my new niche; making tiny paintings of food.

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The Fancy Lady said...

aww i love that fox hes so freckin cute!