Oh, again.

Again, eating healthy just got crapped all over. I visited my esteemed colleague Mordicai last night, which commenced an evening of
#1 chicken chile verde burrito
#2 a "scotchmallow" egg
#3 gin, tonic, etc.

That was last night, of course, but the trend continued today, when I ate half a glazed donut and a quarter of the remaining half of the burrito. The last quarter of said burrito, and the half of that donut were pawned off on co-workers, with presumably higher metabolisms.

I mean, that's all well and good; I ruled at the gym! Ruled!

I'm having a moment or two of writer's and artist's block presently. That's why I'm dicking off here on blogger.

Who says blogs have to be full of interesting insight, or celebrity gossip?

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