Idling in Place

Here's a quite vague, basic rundown-- not that you asked for it, but one great hobby of mine is rambling about myself.

-I have to dial back compulsions and obsessive behaviors sometime. They're very boring obsessions, just mostly annoying.
-I'm afraid of making doctor's appointments. Like, making an appointment seems to be an admission that something is wrong.
-My dog sheds way more than I am equipped to cope with.
-I still feel really bad about not giving that bum in Grand Central Terminal my cake from months ago.
-I played Hungry, Hungry Hippos by myself as a kid. I deemed the pink one as my lucky hippo, despite the fact that I would win no matter what.
-I have to eat a wheat english muffin and peanut butter, cinnamon, and banana everyday, or the known universe is bound to collapse in on itself.

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