I'm finishing my second red bull as I plow ahead on a commission. It's a cartoon illustration that was requested of me. All fine and good, but man, I stayed up all night last night. And then, you know, the day job. And then, you know, the gym. My eyes are burny. Not that I'm complaining. Just.... stating facts.

I'm debating whether or not to try selling items on etsy, like I did last summer, or just going with e-commerce either here (actually, hey, is blogger set up for that? i should check into it) or registering a new domain for 7seventeengallery. Last summer, prior to my move to NYC, I listed several illustrations and paintings on etsy for sale. The results were mixed: I sold only 2 items ON etsy, but sold 2 on livejournal to people. And from etsy, I recieved 7 commission requests. It probably would have ended up being even more profitable, but I had to plan my move up the eastern seaboard. I've been garnering enough attention via myspace that I can't decide whether etsy would just be a step sideways. I dunno, maybe it'd be easier than the e-commerce.

Or maybe I should stop musing and start drawing.

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