Sprung is all sprung and stuff

Spring is here. Like, it's actually here.

Anyone who's been in the vicinity of New York City will tell you this past winter was ridiculous. Number one, it just never REALLY got cold, consistently cold. We had a couple of terrible, freezing days, and then a bizarro day or two in January where everyone was in short sleeves. Then it got terrible, and freezing for a day. And then it was just mild. The first snowfall came on Valentine's Day-- February! I moved here from Florida preparing myself for blizzards for Chrissakes. It snowed a couple of times, mostly flurries, a few moderate accumulations (which stayed on the ground for WEEKS), and then April rolled around and everyone was tearing their hair out as the winter that never wanted arrive in the first place simply didn't want to leave.

Just last week I asked a co-worker, "Have you looked at the weather report to see what it'll be?" and the snarled reply was just, "I gave up."

And then BAM! 80 degrees! Which is awesome!

Except not awesome; I have not yet installed the big, heavy air conditioning unit that must be fitted into the window, nor do I know how to do it without it teetering and falling out onto someone. I'm actually about to do that now. Should be an adventure. If I never post again, it's because I crushed someone from three floors up and am on the lam.

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