sunday night.

God, for an art blog, it sure seems bereft of any actual art, right?

But for reals guys, I'm working on it. Lately it feels like I don't have any time to work on anything. Between the day job and going to the gym and the love/hate relationship I have with the MTA (such as waiting on a subway platform for 20 minutes just to be told no trains are coming through and then waiting 30 minutes for a bus that doesn't even stop), I feel like I'm constantly running around and when there's finally a moment in the day to sit, and complete an illustration, I just want to sleep. Really badly. I mean, I love sleep.

But no, really, there's some stuff; like I posted over on myspace, I have some girls in my ink wash series that I'm working on. Last time I did such a series, it was well recieved over on etsy and elsewhere, and they sold really well.

What I really should be doing is getting on printing those TSUNAMI VS ROBOT shirts. Before Urban Outfitters rips me off.

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