Happy 2009 or whatever

I've been away a bit.

I was in Mississippi for Christmas with my family, and then flew back to NYC, and then had to drive to Pennsylvania for a second Christmas. I've been back in New York this week, but I've been in some sort of time warp. I can't account for any single minute of my week outside of the New Year's Eve Party and our viewing of 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' on the 30th (I give it a solid B-- it was neither magnificent nor bland).

I guess this is because I no longer have The Day Job. That was a decision I made myself; I was monumentally unhappy and my boss' boss made some decisions I didn't agree with and that also really cramped my style. Eh, I won't get into it. Really, the issue is that retail is not my calling and I got forced into a corner where I had to make a decision one way or the other. And now I'm here, in my apartment with time passing simultaneously very slow, and very fast.

It's okay, to a point; I am going to make going to the gym my new job. Also, you know, art. And Craigslist searching. No more retail though!


Estela said...

oh retail. I use to love it, sorta made it my major and now I can't stand it anymore.
My new job is the treadmill as well

kim* said...

how fun to have 2 Christmas'