Robots and Foxes

A pretty winning combination, yeah? Maybe I ought to do a robot-fox next. Hm....

Snazzy Happening Robot on Etsy

Sly Fox on Etsy

I went to bed exceptionally late (for normal people anyway), 3am, and was unceremoniously awoken by a text message at 7:45. Who sends a text message at 7:45?? I'd think someone who knows me would know better, but... well, apparently not. I was pretty sulky about this for awhile, and lay around, trying to wake up, and eventually just got on out of bed, turning off the alarm I'd set for 10am. I had some tea and oatmeal, watched approximately 5 minutes of one of those underage mother shows on MTV, and then set to work painting. Productivity wins again.

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Mary C. Nasser said...

Nice post!
Good to meet you through the Art Blogs by Etsy Artists Team! :)

Mary C. Nasser