Artists, Schmartists. I'm not one of those people who's gonna just huff and puff and fill you full of hot air whilst name dropping the most recently hottt+ artist around. Some people feel a bit self-important, as though their blog is all about INFORMING THE PUBLIC. Nah. I won't do that. You've maybe heard of these people already; I'm not on the cutting edge, and I won't pretend to be informing anyone of anything. I'm just sayin'... these artists are dope.

James Jean (lolz of course, right?)
Process Recess 2
This book is fantastic. A friend gave it to me for my birthday-- I'm terrible at buying myself things I ought to have or want to have as an artist or whatever. I'm usually blowing it on sushi and coffee and bills. I was super thrilled to acquire this though, and I recommend it to anyone who happens to really, really enjoy gorgeous illustration. That sounds so lame. Heh.

Claire Wendling

Various books...
I found out about her a couple of years ago at the San Diego Comic Con, when I happened upon Stuart Ng's imported book store (an awesome resource for french artists, btw). Her work is amazing! It's so dynamic and I'm shocked more people don't know her (oh SNAP I just went and informed some of you... hypocrite!).

Jan Op De Beeck
Famous Corpses
This is an amazing caricature artist from Belgium. In 2005, he and some friends published a "celebrity roast", full of amazingly rendered caricatures by Jan along with funny, irreverent blurbs about each one. His website and sketchbook are amazing. This fall/winter, a newer version of 'Famous Corpses' is supposed to be out. Sweet.

Takashi Murakami
One of Japan's most celebrated pop artists, you probably are maybe rolling your eyes at me right now ("james jean AND murakami? come oooon!"), because, yeah. Duh. But dude. I went and saw his major exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum last month. That. Is crazy. And it's awesome to see.

Craig Thompson
omg. A graphic novel never broke my heart with such sweetness as 'Goodbye Chunky Rice' did in 2000. A friend showed it to me 8 years ago and I haven't stopped loving it. 'Blankets', which I read a few years later, managed to beat my heart back into submission again. Le Sigh.

Ross Campbell
Wet Moon
An amazing comic artist! I went to art school with this guy, and only knew him peripherally at the time... after graduation, friends would say, "You should really check out Ross' website..." and I was so gobsmacked (fun word of the day) over his clean lines and his incredible knack for expression in his girls' faces.

So. That's all I have for now. Just sayin'.

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