Impending Day Off

I'm psyched.

It's not that I'm extremely overworked, I just find myself lately unable to switch off the ol' brain in order to fully relax when I do have time to myself. I know, I know, right?? The old cliched workaholic lament! But I'm not a workaholic. I just think too much. That can be as tiring as actually working, I find.


I'm off tomorrow! And though I just had a day off the other day, I'm extremely excited about this one. Why, I just recently got health insurance! I booked a doctor's appointment for a check-up, stat (this is perhaps the biggest reason outside of the fact that I have to pay bills and rent that I am suddenly a grown-up; I am supremely interested in medical appointments). Sometime either before or after that, I am going to laze about Gantry Plaza a bit, and then hopefully pick up my computer from the Geek Squad (finally) so that I can hook it up to the printer.

I've also been under the weather for a few days so this can give me a chance to recharge.

I've also got like 4 pages in the Moleskine to upload to etsy.

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