Um, so yeah, Gantry Plaza is now my favorite place to go and laze about. To think! I was actually schlepping all the way in to Central Park to read/listen to ipod/lie comatose in the sun. It's a brilliant view of the Manhattan skyline (see the pic down below, framed by the gantries), and it's rather quiet, if not for the water lapping and the occasional helicopter. How awesome is it that I only just discover it a year after moving to Queens and a month before summer is dunzo? Not terribly.

Oh, also un-awesome is this news that New York is actually at a greater risk for a "substantial" earthquake than previously thought. WTF. That does it! Rent prices and now earthquakes!!? I'm going to California...oh, wait.


elizabethjayne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hearting MaryJayne! It's amusing to me that my two commenters and I all seem to be redheads.

I always enjoy discovering little places, even in places I've been in for a while...finding a quiet park in NYC is nothing to be unhappy about! ;)

best wishes,


fly tie said...

oooh...earthquakes. not my thing.

(although i've never experienced one, ha!)

the way you feel about finding that new park is sorta how i felt when i discovered that going for early morning walks would do wonders for my mental clarity and overall energy level throughout the day. coulda been doing it all along...

(adding you to my blog roll)